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*TUESDAY 2-13-24*
Raspberry, custard, & lemon filled available *only while supplies last!*

$2.25 each | $12 half dozen | $21 dozen 

What is a Paczki??
A "ponch-kee" is a special Polish donut traditionally made when people wanted to clear out all the butter & sugar in their cupboards before giving up sweets for Lent.

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Pre Order for Fat Tuesday 2-13-24

King Cake $14.99

What is a king cake? King cake is a ring of sweet buttery pastry (similar to cinnamon rolls) that's covered in lots of icing the topped with loads of purple, yellow, and green sprinkles. A little plastic baby is hidden inside the cake, and whomever gets the slice with the baby is "crowned" king or queen for the day and is said to be on his or her way to a very good year.

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