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A Sweet Fundraising Opportunity

If you are looking to raise some money for your school, church, sports team, or club, please reach out! We offer wholesale pricing on most of our items. During the holidays, we offer special promotional items that are GREAT for gifts and school fundraisers! 

If you have any questions or would like to reach out about pricing, please send us an email. 

Fundraiser Options:

Let's start a fundraiser together, and make it a sweet success!

Here's how it works:

Choose which fundraiser you would like to do. You will purchase the item from us at wholesale price. You can then set your own mark-up pricing, we suggest about $4-$5, allowing your organization to earn a fantastic profit. 

You will sell the product, and collect the payment from the customer. 

Collection of order forms and payment will be due one week before the delivery/pick up date. 

We will coordinate with you a specific delivery/pick up location and time. Please also coordinate the delivery day with the customers to ensure maximum freshness. Add your own logo to the fundraising sheet! 

Option #1: Donuts! 

Sell our delicious, scratch made donuts by the dozen! Your customers will have three options to choose from: original glazed, chocolate iced, or vanilla iced (white). Donuts should be delivered to the customer on the day you receive them. We like our products to be as fresh as possible!

Option #2: Braided Strudels! 

Sell our mouth watering braided strudel. This treat is typically special only during the holiday season, but why not make it year-round with a fundraiser! Your customers will have the choice between cream cheese, apple, or cherry fillings, then they are covered with our white icing. These strudels have a great shelf life, but we still request the product be delivered on the same day to guarantee freshness to the customer. 

Option #3: Create Your Own!

We will work with you to select your own fundraiser items! *Options are limited.

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Let’s Work Together

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